Impersonation 흉내 (2013)



“Impersonating someone or something may lead us to what we desire.”
흉내 내기로 원하는 것을 얻는다.

2013 | B&W | 2D, Drawing
Director : Boyoung Kim
Music : Hyun Kim
A boy meets a girl, a girl meets a boy. Or for something completely different?
우연을 가장한 만남의 반복,
그가 좋아하는 것이 되어버리기로 결심한다.

[Screening & Awards]
-2013 Seoul Metro International Short Film Fest : Seoul Metro & Berliner Fenster Grand Award
(서울메트로 국제 초단편 영화제: 대상)
-2013 Canterbury Anifest : Official selection (U.K)
(켄터버리 애니페스트 공식 경쟁 )
-2014 Hongkong International Mobile Film Award : Grand Award & Best Animation Gold Award
(홍콩 국제 모바일 필름어워드 대상 & 애니메이션 부분 1등 상)
-2014 Short Visions Film Festival (China)
-2014 Disposable Film Festival: Animation Special Award
(디스포저블 필름페스티벌: 애니메이션 특별상)
-2014 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
(부천국제판타스틱 영화제)
-2014 Message to Man International Film Festival
(메세지투맨 국제영화제 초청)
-2014 대단한단편영화제- 단편경쟁
-2014 Indie Anifest
(인디애니페스트 – 독립보행)
-2014 Siggraph Asia
(시그라프 아시아)
-2014 Interfilm Festival
(베를린 인터필름페스티발- Eject Competition)
(파리한국영화제 – Shortcuts #1)
-2015 Root Film Festival- Zero Edition, Greece
(루트 필름페스티발)
-2015 Athens Animfest (Greece)
(아테네 애니페스트)
2015 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Canada)
(토론토 릴 아시안 국제영화제)

"When Batman puts on his dark suit and mask, he transforms himself to be something other than his usual self, Bruce Wayne. In the same sense, there’s a transformation that happens when we hide behind some cloak of anonymity. Like Batman, it can be used to fight evil or simply like my characters in Impersonation, to get the attention of someone we desire. The transformation allows a new self, one which is more comforting and enjoyable because the new self brings us closer to what we desire than our old self. However, in our pursuit we often forget that for better or for worse, our old self will eventually reveal itself. But if we could transform our minds and learn to accept who we are, we would not have to hide behind anything, that is unless your life was in danger while fighting terrifying criminals. "

Animated Short Film